Men’s waistcoat: trend element of men’s clothing Print

A man’s waistcoat is a wardrobe detail, which even the most modest beginner can cope with. Usually the waistcoat plays a supporting role, or does not take part in the dressing rooms in general. Men do not have fervent feelings for this subject of the wardrobe. Waistcoats do not like because they do not know how to successfully integrate them into their wardrobe niche or face representative examples of its use by other characters. On how to wear men’s a waistcoat, on which models of waistcoats to stop the choice, read in this article.

A waistcoat is always an opportunity for a stylish experiment and going beyond the ordinary social situations and dress codes! Moreover, the waistcoat is a guarantee of comfort and comfort: both behind the wheel of the traffic are not constrained, and in the pedestrian / office life the waistcoat will indulge in a cozy existence.

A man’s waistcoat: The solo part.

The solo part is always attention only to one thing. Therefore, if you do not plan to wear a waistcoat in a multi-layer set, it is very important that the waistcoat rule is seated. The waistcoat should adjoin to a body on brachium, to not pull back and to have high armholes (not to deform the bottom layer of the complete set). The main task of the waistcoat is to make you slimmer and taut, the image is more collected. The waistcoat should be your second self and repeat the movements, but should not go up when you raise your hands.

The solo part is guaranteed to be heard in its “Bravo” shouts, if it is guided by a non-standard cut. For example, take a closer look at waistcoats with a scent, waistcoats with round necks, waistcoats with lapels, double-breasted models.

Take into account the features of the figure: the deviations listed above from the classical form of a waistcoat are an alternative for smart and slender men.

A healthy share of brutal romanticism, sport, challenge, and sexuality of a mega polis – in general, an explosive mixture is contained in leather jacket-jackets. This kind of “devilish” accessory is the most universal. A stylish waistcoat can be used regardless of the season. In the summer – its kits with t-shirts, in the demi-season period with jumpers, golf, rough sweaters, sweat shots, hoodies, in the cold season the leather waistcoat can be the middle layer of a multilayered set.

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