How Augmented Reality Helps To Promote Your Brand?

Augmented reality technology has been embraced by many companies for their advertising campaigns. AR has been providing unique experience by making interactive ads. AR term has an extensive definition, but the key point is that it blends the physical world data to the one created using digital tool.

Therefore users can see reality, which is overlaid with relevant computer-generated data. It can be a street with virtual route, your backyard with several Disney characters, or your room including 3D model furniture.

It is unique

Novelty factor of AR application will wear off soon as more and more will be created and used. However, brands can make use of this exciting virtual reality video production technology, while it is still in its infancy and extend. AR technology is still new and possibilities for new developments are being explored.

How can AR platform help to advertise your brand image?

  • Companies can create emotional connection with their consumers.

AR ads are realistic and interactive making consumers feel like they are playing engaging video game. It helps to build passionate connection, enhance brand awareness, and encourage consumers to buy.

  • Chances of virtual try-ons

Customers can try on several different things with AR including shoes, clothing, watches, glasses, etc. without leaving their home. In this e-commerce era, this makes augmented reality technology a powerful marketing tool for increasing sales and revenue. The thing to remember is that digital ads make use of sophisticated analysing tools to identify consumer’s interest and behaviour, so as to recommend correct products to right people.

  • Advanced hyper-local ad opportunity

Traditional hyper-local ads told consumers about outlets and cafes. The AR hyper-local ad shows objects on Smartphone screen. Consumers get to know the interesting place as well as get guided in that direction.